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What to Know About Gauge 10 Heavy Duty Molded Plastic Separating Zippers

When you want to buy heavy duty zippers, it is advisable that you should go through the many types of these zippers on offer from Zipper Shipper. Depending on the use for which you need the zipper, there are many choices that you can make on the website. There are custom zippers @ ZipperShipper as well as the other common type of zippers that one can easily buy online.

For heavy uses of zippers, you may need to consider the gauge 10 zipper that is available on the website of Zipper Shipper. This kind of a zipper is available many colors and lengths. It is available in stock and you can use this kind of a zipper for items such as upholstery, sleeping bags and even for tents. Those who have sail boats can also buy this kind of zipper since it is hardy for the boats.

One of the good things with this zipper is that it has teeth that are strong enough to withstand pressure. The teeth measure 10 inches and this makes it suitable for the above uses. You can now buy all your common-use upholstery zippers – and be assured of good discounts and long life usage of these zippers. Your zippers are normally shipped within 3 business days once you have paid for them online.


Tips You Can Follow When Buying Lingerie

Sometimes it can be so tricky when you want to buy lingerie especially if you want to wear it in your casual days. It is because lingerie can make you feel a little bit too tight or even sore when you wear the casual outfit. So then, it is the main reason why you have to be really cautious every time you want to buy lingerie. Then, in order to make it easier for you, there are actually several tips that you can follow when buying lingerie. Let’s check them out below.

Well, the first tip that you can follow when you want to purchase lingerie is that you have to make sure that you choose the comfortable lingerie. It is because comfort is an important thing when you wear the lingerie all day under your casual clothes. Even, if it is necessary you can actually choose the less fashionable lingerie as long as it can offer you more comfort. Second, it will be better for you to choose the particular lingerie that is easy to care. In this case, it will be nice for you to choose the machine washable lingerie. So then, you can effortlessly clean it because you just need to put it into the lingerie bag and cold wash it. Furthermore, you have to choose the seamless lingerie in order to keep your base invisible no matter what casual outfits you wear. So, you can have the more confident appearance without worrying about other people can see the line of your base.

Thus, all of them can be the nice tips that will make you find the best lingerie you can use often in your casual days. So then, you can wear lingerie whenever you want not only when you wear your formal or professional attires.

Off The Shoulder Shirts

One of the most popular clothing options nowadays are off the shoulder shirts. So, wear them this season, become the center of attention, and make a style statement of your own.
No woman is more attractive to a man than the one who knows how to be sexy in a subtle way. Not even a bikini clad woman can inspire a man’s imagination as a woman who dresses up teasingly, revealing a bit of her skin here and there, in the most innocent manner! If you are looking for such outfits in women’s clothing, which are sexy, but not overtly so, then off the shoulder shirts are meant just for you!

If you look at the current trends, the 70s and 80s clothing are making a huge comeback this season. One great thing about off shoulder shirts is that they can be worn by women in their twenties, thirties, as well as school and college going young girls, with equal elan. If chosen well and paired with the right pair of women’s shoes and lowers, they can make the woman look anything, right from classy to sensual to cute and casual!

If you set out to shop for these tops, you will be surprised to see the kind of designs, styles, and colors available. When it comes to shirts, there are basically two kinds. Ones, which reveal a single shoulder and the others, which reveal both the shoulders.

A Bohemian You…
Amongst all the varieties of this piece of clothing, the long sleeved variants, which come with a tier of frill on top, are perhaps the most popular. If you want to create a trendy, hip look for yourself, pair a white shirt in this style with black shorts and a red hat. The length of the shirt should be such that it almost covers your shorts, leaving just an inch visible. Let your hair fall loose on your bare shoulders. Wear a pair of red sneakers and you will have the most trendiest of looks in your entire college!

A Sexy You…
For a glamorous look, loose tops which end just below the hip, can be worn with a wide black belt. Pair these with black hot pants and high heels, to look sexy, elegant, and classy! Another option is to wear off the shoulder, body hugging, cleavage revealing, elbow length shirt, tucked neatly into a black pencil length skirt. Wear a black bra underneath and make its straps visible over the shoulders, to create a teasing look!

A Feminine You…
For a more feminine, soft look, lacy off shoulder blouses can be teamed up with short skirts. If you are blessed with a flat belly, go in for tops which end above your navel. Pair them up with well-fitting jeans and you are sure to make all heads turn in your direction! If you are slightly on the heavier side, wear a long, dolma sleeved, free-flowing top with a pair of black leggings!

A Trendy You…
For a more casual look, wear large over-sized T-shirts with a beater underneath. In fact, this is one of the best styles for juniors, kids, as well as all young girls and women! The best thing about this casual look is that you can convert any large over-sized T-shirt lying in your wardrobe, into cool, trendy outfits. Here’s how to make these for kids and young girls – Take an over sized shirt and turn it inside out. Next, take a pen and draw a line around the neck, in accordance to where you want the neckline to fall. With the help of scissors, cut the T-shirt according to this line. Turn it around and wear it. If it does not fall well on your shoulders, repeat the same procedure and cut some more. That’s it! Wear this with a tank top and a pair of cool shorts or jeans to beat the heat, in the coming summer!

As you can see, off the shoulder shirts can make you look cute, feminine, sexy, glamorous, and classy, all at once! This makes them a must-have fashion outfit in your wardrobe. You will find plenty on the Internet or you can make one for yourself at home itself! So the next time you are out with your friends, wear these and hog all the male attention!

T-Shirt Design Ideas

T-Shirt Design IdeasA printed t-shirt is a form of personalized expression unlike any other. Apart from providing maximum comfort to a person, it provides a platform for speaking out. Ideas to design a T-shirt are so vast and unique, that to list them all is next to impossible.
A t-shirt is a piece of apparel that almost everyone owns, and its comfort is unmatched. Most common ones are buttonless, pocketless, collarless, round collared, and short sleeved. In recent culture, these have become more popular due to the freedom of expression on the body of the clothing. It is easy to spot t-shirts that carry messages of varied significance. Environmental messages, religious sentiments, political innuendos, literary quotations, historical reminders, musical references, and comical messages; the list is endless. To get a t-shirt printed with a design of your choice is fairly simple and economical and presents an individual with the opportunity to express emotions that they may hesitate to express otherwise.

Ideas for t-shirt design have generally provoked and caused many controversial sentiments and reactions from different sections of the society. Many ideas are often viewed as offensive, immoral, and unethical in nature, and people sporting them are scorned upon. In the opinion of the wearer though, he/she is just utilizing yet another platform to let loose his/her thoughts on society and is making either a fashion statement or a social one.

Common Ideas for Designing a T-shirt

There are various categories that ideas can generally be classified into. To present an entire collection that can be found across the globe would be a task of gargantuan proportions, but the most elementary of these categories can be named here.

Political: The most commonly expressed messages on t-shirts are of political nature. The political scenario in the country will provoke major reactions from the masses and what better way to express your approval or disapproval. Be controversial and include images as well to get your point across.

Religious: Another way to make your statement is to talk about a religious issue. Don’t be overly critical, as offending someone’s religious sentiments is far worse than anything else. Amuse yourself and others but try not to relate religion to obscenity.

Literature: You can even choose to quote a famous author of your choice. A famous line, or a funny anecdote will definitely help you get some attention.

Environmental: Another popular idea that can be commonly seen today is an environmental message. Something about global warming or preservation of different species of animals can be a good option.

Famous People: Printing the face of a famous person on your t-shirt is also a good idea. The personality could be anyone ranging from your favorite celebrity, musician, your role model, or even a member of your family. One of the most famous personalities found on t-shirts across the world is Che Guevara.

Sports: For individuals who are inclined towards sports, it would be appropriate to get a design relevant to your favorite sport or maybe refer in some manner to your favorite sports star. You may opt for basketball, soccer, or any other sport that interests you.

Abstract: Instead of opting for a line of text or some combination of text and an image, you can even choose to simply print some abstract design on your t-shirt. You will be able to locate them over the Internet that may appeal to you, or you can even draw one yourself.

Miscellaneous: The best part is that there are no fixed guidelines. The design could be absolutely anything under the sun, like family reunion, sorority, class, or even student council. If you put your mind to it, you should be able to come up with numerous other ideas that you can print on your custom-made t-shirt. Be creative, controversial, and courageous, and you will have a truly unique design that will evoke more than just a curious glance from passersby.

Some More Designs

Over the years, licensed t-shirts have also amassed immense popularity. You will find many brands at many designer clothing stores that carry messages that may be relevant to you. T-shirts are also widely used as promotional tools by many companies and event sponsors. If you choose to get one printed, it would cost you anywhere between USD 5 – 10.

The importance of t-shirt prints goes beyond just making a statement. The younger generation usually chooses controversial and rebellious designs in order to display their individuality and voice their opinions while simultaneously following the latest fashion trends. Custom-made t-shirts have been universally adopted as great platforms for the expression of thought and words that may not be expressed under normal circumstances. To portray your thoughts and your views effectively, choose a design that accurately states what’s on your mind, and do not wear it just because you see other people wearing it.

Buying and Styling Vintage T-shirts

Vintage T-shirtsVintage-style t-shirts or retro t-shirts are clothes from previous decades. They come in a wide range of designs like band names, movies, commercial products, superheroes, cartoon characters, movie stars, and other themes. There are many people who have their own opinions about what “vintage” really means. According to some, if you say vintage, it would mean clothing that was produced before the 1920s. On the contrary, wouldn’t that technically mean “antique” rather than “vintage”? So, to not get confused so early on, when we say “vintage”, we are talking about clothing that was produced after that time to 10 – 20 years before the present day.

Now that we have the “definitions” out of the way, let’s focus on how you can get your hands on them, without having to spend a fortune. Trust me, if you happened to enter a store that sells premium vintage clothes, you might just have to fork out a pretty lump sum amount. But that’s not going to happen here because we will provide you enough tips and tricks that’ll keep your hard-earned money where it belongs, in your wallet.

Guidelines for Buying Vintage T-shirts
The first thing you need to figure out is whether you want to purchase authentic vintage t-shirts, or the reproduction t-shirts that are manufactured to resemble so; the latter ones are actually new but made to look old. And, one of the ways to understand the distinction between these types is the graphics on the t-shirts itself. Keeping this point in mind, let’s take a look at some important dos and don’ts for purchasing ‘authentic’ vintage t-shirts.
Shop at thrift stores.
The clothes are sometimes sold in bulk for a very low price, which is an absolute bargain. Plus you’ll have a ton of variety to choose from. Talk to store employees and managers to get tips on when high-end clothes will be placed for sale.
Check the label on the t-shirts.
Since the t-shirts have been either previously worn and discarded or are old, the labels will generally be faded. At times, they don’t even have any brand stamps (t-shirts manufactured before the 70s).
Examine the quality of the print (graphics).
Most vintage t-shirts are a 50/50 poly-cotton blend, and the screen prints on the t-shirt have a rubbery texture. This happens because the polyester can’t absorb the ink that is sprayed over the t-shirt.
The fabric will feel different.
Take the t-shirt in your hands. Does it feel soft, or thick and starchy? Well, if it’s the latter, then perhaps you don’t really have the right one.
Try on the t-shirts to get the accurate size.
Your regular t-shirts and the vintage ones will not be of the same size; the latter will be smaller. If you’re at a store, do make it a point to try them on. And if you’re making an online purchase, be sure to compare the chest size, and the length of the t-shirts.
A collector’s t-shirt will sell for a lot.
Keeping the thrift stores and Salvation Army stores aside, if any stores or websites claim to be selling “authentic” vintage t-shirts, the price will give away its true value. A reproduced t-shirt will not be as valuable as an authentic one.
How to Style Vintage T-shirts
Over the years, you must’ve seen many celebrities, music artists, models, and even athletes sporting vintage t-shirts. And why shouldn’t they? It’s one of the best kinds of street fashion out there; and now’s your chance to embody this trend, and make it a part of your wardrobe.
For Women
-Wear your denim capris or crisp white pants with vintage t-shirts to conquer street fashion.
-Vintage T-shirts with Women’s Shorts and Skirt
-Modify your summer look with vintage t-shirts paired with cute shorts or a skirt.
Do you ever feel that you were born in the wrong decade? Does your current style remind everyone of the 70s, 80s, or any specific decade? Perhaps due to the longing to dress in a particular decade, or wanting to be different from the rest, many women are embracing the vintage style. You can actually revamp your wardrobe with just a few simple alterations while pairing vintage t-shirts.
For Men
These ‘beach’ boy looks never go out of style; try pairing your t-shirts with different styles of shorts.
Going to the beach or hanging out with friends, there’s no specific reason or time to wear vintage t-shirts. Give yourself a fresh new look by wearing quirky vintage t-shirts with shorts, pants, and jeans. And in order to pull the look off flawlessly, choose other clothing items with care. There’s absolutely no need for layers, unless the weather pressures you into it. You want to capture the I-just-woke-up-and-put-this-on kind of sexy look.
And that’s how it’s done, people. Now you’re armed with information, not just about how to go about purchasing these t-shirts, but also as a personal styling guide. We hope that you can find quality items, and perhaps create a unique style for yourself.

Shift Dress Style

Shift Dress StyleIn this hot sweltering summer, all we ladies want is to wear a dress with a little breathing room but without compromising on style. And if you still want to retain that cuteness level, then a shift dress is the answer. But what is a shift dress? We will get you acquainted with this dress, its history, and some tips on how to style your shift dress!
MOD Look!
Imagine having a dress which is loose yet looks chic, plus it’s versatile, so you can wear it anytime irrespective of the season. A shift dress can be found in almost every woman’s closet.
A shift dress is a classic style and a blessing for many women out there because it does not hug the body’s curves. It is a short, simple dress that flatters any body type. It hangs loose from the shoulders and is supported by the side panels. It is short and any body type can flaunt the solid design. Though the classic version of the dress is sleeveless, knee-length, with a high collar or boat neck, it comes in variety of hemlines and sleeve lengths.
The dress has very little detailing, emphasizing less on breasts and hip area, this allows the women to move freely. They are not meant to fit your body and is great for hiding feminine curves and contours. It falls straight down from the shoulders, this dress is all about smooth lines rather than trim fit.
One good thing about this dress is that they don’t narrow down at the waist, rather they sweep down. It is a simple, short, and above the knee dress. The skirt is either straight or has a narrow A-line style to it. This style is appropriate for any professional or party environment.
Shift Dress

History Of the Shift Dress
This style entered the fashion industry in the 1920s, impressed from Hubert Givenchy’s “sack dress” design. It was first worn in the 1920s in the form of flappers by young ladies who went against the social norms of dressing up by getting rid of the defined waistline and corsets.

A flapper dress was a short shift dress, bejeweled with fringes and different types of embellishments. Shift dress was popular back then, because people could move around and dance freely in it. During that era, a shift dress was a breakaway from cinched waist styles.
Shift dress silhouette was again revived in the year 1960 by Lilly Pulitzer, she ran a juice stand in Palm beach, Florida. People would often notice her wearing bright shift dresses. At a customer’s request she started the business of selling shift dresses.
They were known as, Lilly’s Dresses. Her dresses gained popularity after First Lady Jackie Kennedy was spotted wearing one in Life magazine. From there on, there was no looking back and she went ahead to create her fashion line. Actress Audrey Hepburn was also helpful in popularizing the shift dress during the 1960s era.
They made a comeback in 1980s, when women were spotted wearing it over a shirt giving it a sort of jumper look. They again became famous in 1990, when business wear was in vogue. They were worn over a t-shirt or a turtle neck, along with knee-length socks.
It again picked up trend in 2000, but the dresses were worn in their primary form without any shirt underneath. First Lady Michelle Obama also adapted the look and wore it for their family’s first official portrait in the White House.
Ways To Style Your Shift Dress
Now that you have bought your beautiful shift dress, it is your responsibility to play up with your dress to suit your body. Fortunately, there are a lot of things which you can do to oomph up your simple dress.
Believe it or not, but the way you style your hair matters a lot, if you are going for a sophisticated event maybe an office party or an engagement. Do make it a point to keep your hair highly styled, this will make your outfit look exceptionally outstanding. If you are opting for a more casual look, then feel free to keep your hairstyle simple.
Footwear is essential, they can make or break your outfit. Don’t pair up your dress with flip-flops, it will look not only trashy but would ruin the look of your dress too. If you are looking for something hip and fun, pair up your dress with bold platforms. If it’s just a casual lunch, then perhaps you can wear plain white converse or colored sneakers.
Accessorize your plain solid color shift dress with colorful chunky jewelry. Chunky, bold necklaces, earrings can go beautifully with high necklines. Dresses with a V- shaped neck require simple, and light chains.
Belts are a must for women who are thin, otherwise it would look as if you are drowning in that dress. Apart from giving your dress a classy and stylish look, it can help to show off your curvaceous body and emphasize more on your best features.
As mentioned earlier, this dress can be worn in any season. So if it’s winter you can pair up your dress with leather jackets to give that sexy and edgy look to your outfit. A soft, cute cardigan would form an innocent and preppy look. To stay warm you can wear leggings or knee-length socks.
Since shift dresses are so easy to wear and they come in a lot of patterns, you should invest in one now. It’s always a delight to find out dresses which don’t hug your body, and you don’t have to be size zero to fit in this dress.

Design Your Own T-Shirt

Most of us buy our wardrobe from retail stores, where there are the same clothes for sale in different shapes and sizes. Sooner or later this can cause you to have a nightmarish day, when you reach your school or office to bump into your best friend or colleague wearing the exact clothes you have donned. Plagued by comments like did you decide to wear the same thing today and you guys look like twins the entire day is not something anyone looks forward to. What better way to avoid this than designing your own clothes. Okay, so maybe you don’t have a degree in fashion designing, and hence, find the entire process cumbersome. But the fact is that, now you can design your own clothes online without any effort on your part.

Designing a T-Shirt

You don’t have to know a lot about fabrics or fashion in order to design a t-shirt. There are many websites that allow you to design clothing at home. All you need at your disposal is a computer with an Internet connection. You can use these websites to design other things like bags, mugs, caps, etc., without expending any energy at all. These websites allow you to design a shirt for free, and then, if you are happy with the results you can place an order to buy the t-shirt.

The process for such designing is very easy. All you need to do is, use the templates that these websites have, and follow the instructions. Once you log onto the site, you will have an image of a t-shirt. You can choose the color in which you want your tee shirt, add images, create shapes, add text, have a distressed effect, etc; there are endless options that you can choose from. Once you are happy with your final result, you can decide to place an order for these custom t-shirts. The images you can use for the design, can be from the collection of clip art images that these websites generally have or you can create your own image and upload the same on the website. Give your creativity free rein while you design your shirt. Making these novelty tee shirts can also be turned into a business by budding entrepreneurs, who can create tee shirts using these websites, and enter a partnership deal, if it suits their purpose. Remember to design a logo, if you do decide to venture out on your own. If you do not want to use websites to create the t-shirts, you can use a particular software that will enable you to create t-shirts.

There are other methods that you can use to create tee shirts at home. These methods are cheaper, but perfect for those, who have a creative bent of mind. You can use plain shirts, and paint on them using acrylic paints to create t-shirts that are unique and individualistic in nature. You can also use tie and dye patterns to create several designs. You can also opt for the tee shirt transfer method of ironing on artwork. For this, you will need a t-shirt, your artwork, software to create the artwork on, printer, transfer paper, iron, and a piece of fabric. Just print the artwork on transfer paper. Before you print it out, it is important to flip the image so that you print a mirror image on the transfer paper. You will then need to place the t-shirt on a flat surface, place the artwork on it as you want to position it, and then place the hot iron on it. Peel the transfer paper when it is hot unless you are using one of the newer version of transfer paper that allows you to wait for the paper to cool before peeling it off. The process is very easy to learn and hardly requires any effort.

Now that you know how to design your own t-shirt, get your creative juices flowing, and experiment with as many designs as you want. You never know, you may get in touch with an inner designer, you never knew existed.

Creative Ways to Reuse Old T-Shirts

Outgrown your old t-shirt, or simply fed up with the old school style? There are quite a few things you can do with your old tee.
Do you keep old clothes only because you like the fabric and the feel of it?
Or do you have some attached emotions to the t-shirt which is why you do not want to let go? Well, we aren’t saying it is bad to keep old clothes stored in your wardrobe, on the contrary we suggest you rake out your creative side and give it a complete new look.

If you do not intend to thrash you tees, we would suggest you donate it to someone who needs it. But there’s the issue of sentiments attached to the tee, which is why you have treasured it so long. Then there could be a few of you who have sneaked into your boyfriend’s wardrobe to keep that extra comfortable t-shirt. Well, I completely understand the underlying affection, however, it isn’t bad to give it a fresh new appearance.

There are just so many fascinating things that can be made out of old fabric. T-shirts, for that matter, are very versatile, and can be cut, ripped, and transformed to give you a different look altogether. You can even convert your tee’s into useful items like rugs, quilts, etc.

Let’s have a look at what you can do with your top in a matter of minutes.

Give your tee a whole new look by chopping off the long sleeves and stitching on sequins or lace. A dash of satin can also do the trick here. You can even convert it into a racer back tee.

Cut your tee into a continuous strip of cloth. Roll it into a ball, and begin to knit. You can use multiple tops of various colors to make your poncho as bright and colorful as you please.

Your satin tee will make an amazing skirt. All you got to do is cut off the top portion of the t-shirt and convert the sleeves into a belt. Depending on style and the measurements of your waist alter the top. Add buttons and ruffles to fit you well. Attach the belt and your tee-skirt is ready.

Cut your shirt into long strips. Wind it securely around a plastic headband and stick it in place with fastener/glue. Make a neat bow and attach it to the side and your ultra cool headband is ready to sport. You can even make a flower to place on the hairband to make it even more stylish.

Cotton t-shirts make for amazing bandannas. You can convert your plain white tee into a colorful and stylish bandanna. All you need is to dye your tee in your favorite colors and you are ready to take on the summer.

Ruffle Top
Do away with baggy sleeves and convert them into cutesy ruffles that adorn the neckline. Before you do that ensure you cut the neckline to a deep ‘v’ or a ‘u’. Sew the ruffled sleeves back into position around the neckline. You can also braid the sleeves to transform it into an interesting pattern.
Chew Toy
Cut your tee into thin strips. Braid a couple of strips together to form a chew toy. Fabric chew toys make it easier to wash and aren’t as hazardous as plastic toys available in the market.

Pet Hoods
Don’t we love dressing up our pets? Your worn out tee is perfect to be converted into a comfortable hoodie for your pet. It can also be used to line their beds or baskets to make them more comfortable.

Padded Hangers
You needn’t worry about your delicate laces bearing a tear if you pad your hangers with your old tee. Simply cut and stitch it onto the hanger to keep your clothes from ripping off.
Baby Quilt
Baby quilts are meant to be soft so that they do not harm the skin. You can stitch together a few of your old t-shirts to make a nice baby quilt. This can be covered with satin to give it smooth finish.
Braided t-shirt rugs can adorn the floor of your bedroom, saving you from cold feet as you get up in the morning. You can place them near bathrooms or even as pet mats.
Pillow Covers
This must be your favorite top which is why you have treasured it so long. Convert it into a pillow case so you have it by your head all the time. You can make a laptop case in a similar way.
Kitchen Towels
Convert your old tee into a kitchen towel. You can use it to keep your hands dry or as cover to keep your bread fresh. Line the inner side of the bread basket with your tee.
Cut your tee into thick strips. Fold over once and sew together. Place a strip of buckram and fold over one more time. Sew the ends together and your belt is ready. Add a buckle/bow at one end of the belt and stitch buttons or tape to secure the belt in place.
Rag Dolls
Convert your tee into a rag doll which can be given to your child to play with, or can be kept for show. Same goes for finger muppets.
Gym/Beach bag
Your colorful tee can make an excellent bag. The best part is that you can use fabric paints and give it a whole new look.
You can also make a wallet, door knob covers, oven gloves, etc., with your old t-shirt. How about transforming your boring t-shirt into a chic racer back tee? I bet it will give you a new look. Then you can also make an apron, a duster, and so on and so forth. Here’s where I end and let you pour in your ideas.