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What to Know About Gauge 10 Heavy Duty Molded Plastic Separating Zippers

When you want to buy heavy duty zippers, it is advisable that you should go through the many types of these zippers on offer from Zipper Shipper. Depending on the use for which you need the zipper, there are many choices that you can make on the website. There are custom zippers @ ZipperShipper as well as the other common type of zippers that one can easily buy online.

For heavy uses of zippers, you may need to consider the gauge 10 zipper that is available on the website of Zipper Shipper. This kind of a zipper is available many colors and lengths. It is available in stock and you can use this kind of a zipper for items such as upholstery, sleeping bags and even for tents. Those who have sail boats can also buy this kind of zipper since it is hardy for the boats.

One of the good things with this zipper is that it has teeth that are strong enough to withstand pressure. The teeth measure 10 inches and this makes it suitable for the above uses. You can now buy all your common-use upholstery zippers – and be assured of good discounts and long life usage of these zippers. Your zippers are normally shipped within 3 business days once you have paid for them online.